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Wolverine and Deadpool

13 maggio 2009

Wolverine and Deadpool #104, published by Panini Comics 2004

Wolverine and Deadpool is part of Marvel UK‘s ‘Collector’s Edition’ line. It is being published by Panini Comics but reprints Marvel Comics from the United States. This title reprints stories of the characters Wolverine and Deadpool comics.


It began publication in 1996 as Wolverine Unleashed, containing only Wolverine stories. With issue #54 the series was retitled Wolverine and Gambit, and featured two Wolverine stories and one Gambit story per issue. It became Wolverine and Deadpool with issue #104. The Wolverine stories it reprints are modern stories which are two years behind Marvel US, plus “classic” stories from 1988 onward


Each issue is printed every 28 days, and is 76 pages long, usually with two Wolverine stories and one Deadpool story. The original cost of the comic was £1.99, although it now retails at £2.50. A cheaper subscription offer is also available. The inside back page is a letters page, where readers can write letters into the comic. The page was initially called “Claw Space”, and changed to “Claws and Cajuns” during Gambit’s stay. The page currently is titled “Mutants and Motormouths”.

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