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Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

3 aprile 2009

Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that featured as a regular segment of the television series The Huckleberry Hound Show from 1958 to 1962.

History starred two mice, Pixie and Dixie, and a cat, Mr. Jinks (a.k.a. Jinksy). Pixie was voiced by Don Messick, and Dixie and Mr. Jinks were voiced by Daws Butler. Dixie, appropriately, talked with a southern twang.

In many ways the shorts resemble Hanna and Barbera’s earlier better-known creation, Tom & Jerry, which also featured a warring cat and mouse (sometimes two) in a domestic setting. However without Tom and Jerry’s more lavish budget for full animation, the Jinks team had to rely on funny dialogue and voices to carry the cartoon’s humor. The cartoon was also less violent, and unlike the slightly sinister Tom, the headstrong Jinks was, in reality, too dense to pose much of a real threat to the mice.

Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is also remembered for Mr. Jinks’ rhyming but ungrammatical lament, “I hate those meeces to pieces!”.

As with Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Jinks would frequently talk directly to the audience, and discuss his plans to trap the “meeces”.

Pixie & Dixie and Mr Jinx

DVD release

On November 15, 2005, Warner Home Video released The Huckleberry Hound Show – Vol 1, the Complete 1st Series. Some cartoons are available on this DVD release. However Pixie & Dixie & Mr. Jinks have yet to be released on their own DVD.

Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks in other languages

In Spanish speaking countries, the characters were dubbed in a very particular way. Pixie speaks in a very strong Mexican accent, Dixie does so in a Caribbean or Cuban accent, and Mr. Jinks has a Southern Spanish accent (Andalusian).

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Plic, Ploc & Chuvisco
  • French: Pixie, Dixie et Jules
  • German: Pixie und Dixie
  • Hungarian: Inci és Finci
  • Italian: Pixi, Dixi e Ginxi
  • Japanese: チュースケとチュータ (Chūsuke to Chūta)
  • Spanish: Pixie, Dixie y el Gato Jinks .- The voices were spoken with 3 different accents: Mr. Jinks had a strong Southern Spanish (Andalusian) accent, Dixie was Cuban and Pixie was Mexican.
  • Czech: Pišta a Fišta (Mr. Jinks is called Fous, meaning Whiskers)
  • Polish: Pixie, Dixie i Pan Jinks
  • Turkish: Bıcır, Gıcır & Tırmık
  • Serbian: Piksi i Diksi

Other Appearances

  • Pixie and Dixie made non-speaking cameos in Yogi’s Gang.
  • Pixie, Dixie, and Mr. Jinks were featured in the Laff-A-Lympics as members of the Yogi Yahooeys.
  • Mr. Jinks appeared in some episodes of Yogi’s Treasure Hunt.
  • Pixie and Dixie appeared in the “Fender Bender 500” segment of Wake, Rattle, and Roll driving a cheese-modeled monster truck called the Chedder Shredder. In Yo Yogi!, Pixie and Dixie live in a cheese store run by Mr. Jinks (voiced by John Stephenson). While Pixie was still voiced by Don Messick in these appearances, Dixie was voiced by Patric Zimmerman.
  • Pixie, Dixie and Mr. Jinks appeared in the Boomerang short “Harasscat.” Pixie and Dixie get a restraining order on Jinks for stalking.

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