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17 marzo 2009

Marvel MMO Deal Signed, Songbird Joins Ultimate Alliance 2,
Wolverine Art Appreciation, Marvel Movie Updates and more!
Marvel MMO Deal Signed
Gazillion to bring Marvel super heroes to massively multiplayer gaming audiences!
1 Exclusive: Songbird Joins Ultimate Alliance 2
Thunderbolts veteran Songbird becomes a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 from Activision coming this fall!
1 April is Wolverine Art Appreciation Month
In honor of Wolverine’s 25th Anniversary, Marvel’s releasing a host of Wolvie-specific variants reminiscent of the styles of many artistic legends. Find out more, right here.
1 Pick Up “Punisher: War Zone” on DVD and Blu-ray Today
Get the 411 on the bloody extras, including five featurettes, audio commentary, theatrical trailers and more, you can expect on the “War Zone” DVD and Blu-ray!
1 Marvel Studios Announces Five New Film Release Dates
Learn when “Iron Man II,” “Spider-Man 4,” “Thor,” “The Avengers” and “The First Avenger: Captain America” will arrive in theaters!
1 WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #1 Preview Available
Get an early look at the inaugural issue of Logan’s latest series from Jason Aaron and Ron Garney!
1 Pick up your copy of STEPHEN KING’S THE STAND: CAPTAIN TRIPS hardcover, exclusively in comic book shops and online comic book retailers!


Dust fights for her life in YOUNG X-MEN #12!

Which version of “Punisher: War Zone” are you picking up?
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