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SMASH by Crhis Bolton

8 marzo 2009

Clic for SMASH Episode One

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Smash character

Andrew Ryan is an average kid with a vivid imagination that, unfortunately, doesn’t count for much to his teachers. He isn’t very athletic or socially assured, which keeps him distant from his classmates. But when he gains super-powers and becomes the costumed hero known as Smash, he’ll show the world what he’s really capable of!


Magus character

The deadliest of arch-villains! Once the sworn nemesis of the super-hero Defender, the Magus inadvertently caused Defender’s death while trying to drain his super-powers. It remains to be seen how the Magus will react to learning that those powers have been absorbed by ten-year-old Andrew Ryan…



Minions are the Magus’s highly trained operatives, who serve him with a loyalty bordering on fanaticism.

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