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Charles Burns

12 novembre 2008

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Charles Burns (born September 27, 1955 in Washington, D.C.) is an award-winning U.S. cartoonist and illustrator.


He is renowned for his meticulous, high-contrast and creepy artwork and stories. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, painter Susan Moore, and their two young daughters.

His father was an oceanographer for the government. The family moved frequently, living in Colorado, Maryland and Missouri before settling in Seattle when Burns was in fifth grade.

Tintin by Charles Burns

Tintin by Charles Burns

Comics works

Charles Burns’ earliest prominent works include illustrations for the Sub Pop fanzine and contributions to Art Spiegelman‘s comic magazine RAW.

Most of his short stories, published in various supports over the decades, have been collected in the three volumes of the “Charles Burns’ Library” (hardcovers from Fantagraphics Books): El Borbah (1999), Big BabySkin Deep (2001). (A fourth and last volume, Bad Vibes, has yet to be published, which would have the Library collecting the entirety of his pre-Black Hole comics work.)

from  Black Hole

from Black Hole

From 1993 to 2004, he serialized the 12 chapters of his Harvey Award-winning graphic novel Black Hole (12 issues from Kitchen Sink Press and Fantagraphics Books). In October 2005, he released a slightly remastered collection of Black Hole (hardcover from Pantheon Books).

In 2007 Burns contributed material for the French made animated horror anthology Peur(s) Du Noir.

Table from Black Hole

Table from Black Hole

Illustration works

Burns’ high-profile illustrations include work for the Iggy Pop album Brick by Brick.

Brick by Brick

His art was also licensed by The Coca-Cola Company to illustrate product and advertising material for their failed OK Soda product. More recently, he has worked on advertising comapigns for Altoids and portrait illustrations for The Believer. In the early 1990s, his Dogboy stories were adapted by MTV as a live-action serial for Liquid Television.

Fears of the Dark Trailer

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Charles Burns Demon

Charles Burns Demon




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