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The Spirit (film)

14 luglio 2008

In attesa di vedere in italia il film Di “The Spirit”,  basato sull’investigatore con la mascherina che ha rivoluzionato il mondo dei comics ( inventato dal maestro Will Eisner ), ecco una biografia (in inglese) del film che sicuramente tutti gli appassionati di fumetti e di cinema , andranno a vedere. Allego anche il trailer, che come sembra dalle prime immagini, dovrebbe essere un eccelente lavoro: e visto Sin City, anche questa volta Frank Miller non ci deluderà, ne sono sicuro.

Locandina del Film

The Spirit
Directed by Frank Miller
Produced by Michael Uslan
Deborah Del Prete
Gigi Pritzker
Ben Waisbren
Written by Screenplay:
Frank Miller
Comic Book:
Will Eisner
Starring Gabriel Macht
Samuel L. Jackson
Scarlett Johansson
Eva Mendes
Music by Jay Faires
Cinematography Bill Pope
Editing by Gregory Nussbaum
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) December 25, 2008
Country Flag of the United States United States
Language English
Allmovie profile
IMDb profile

  • Premise
  • Writer-director Frank Miller described the main character:
The character has a terrifying side to him. This is a man who’s died and came back to life. So it twists into fantasy. And of course there are tons of women in it. There have to be — it’s The Spirit. They’re all in love with him, and he’s in love with all of them. You might say he’s a bit of a slut.[3]
  • The film series will not begin with an origin story, but will instead open with the adventures of The Spirit already having begun.[4] The film will be more contemporary than the ’40s and ’50s era of the strip and will aim for a “timeless feel.”
  • The protagonist will be involved in a love triangle with Sand Saref and Ellen Dolan, the daughter of Central City’s Police Commissioner Dolan. The controversial character Ebony White will not appear in the film.[2]

  • Cast

  • Production
  • In the early 1990s, producer Michael Uslan obtained the rights to Will Eisner’s 1940s newspaper comic strip The Spirit for a live-action film adaptation. The producer promised Eisner that he would not permit anyone who “didn’t get it” to work on the project. Two ideas pitched to Uslan were to put The Spirit in a costume and to have The Spirit really be a resurrected dead man that possessed superpowers.[12] John Turman, a comic book fan, expressed interest in writing the screenplay.[13]
  • In July 2004, financier OddLot Entertainment acquired the rights to the film. OddLot’s producers Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Pete began a collaboration with Uslan, working at Batfilm Productions, to adapt the story. Eisner, who was protective of the rights to his creations, said that he believed in the producers to faithfully adapt The Spirit.[14] In April 2005, comic book writer Jeph Loeb was hired to adapt The Spirit for the big screen,[15] but the writer eventually left the project. Later in April, Uslan approached Frank Miller at Will Eisner’s memorial service in New York several weeks after Miller’s Sin City was released in theaters, interested in initiating the adaptation technique with Miller’s film for The Spirit.[2] Miller had initially hesitated, doubting his skill in adapting The Spirit, but ultimately embraced his first solo project as writer-director.[12]
  • In July 2006, Miller was officially confirmed to write and direct the film adaptation for The Spirit. Miller announced that he was putting together a film treatment that included large parts of The Spirit strip panels. Miller described the project, “I intend to be extremely faithful to the heart and soul of the material, but it won’t be nostalgic. It will be much scarier than people expect.”[16] Miller plans to film The Spirit using the same digital background technology that was used for Sin City and 300.[17] The film would also copy specific shots from the comic, similar to Sin City.[4]
  • In February 2007, Miller completed the first draft of the screenplay, and began work on a second draft.[3] Principal photography was initially slated to begin in late spring 2007.[16] Miller also plans to begin filming Sin City 2 in late spring,[18] but Uslan indicated that filming for The Spirit will begin before Miller starts Sin City 2.[2] Following the casting of Gabriel Macht as The Spirit in August 2007, filming was re-slated for the following October.[6] It will take place in Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico.[5]
  • The Spirit was shot using Panavision‘s Genesis digital camera.[19]
  • Marketing
  • At the New York Comic-Con on February 24, 2007, director/writer Frank Miller and producer Michael Uslan was scheduled to present a panel for The Spirit,[20] though Miller was unable to attend due to recuperation from hip and leg injuries.[3] Instead, Uslan, fellow producer F.J. DeSanto, and former The Spirit publisher Denis Kitchen presented a panel at which they described the history of the film and the film’s progress.[2]
  • In October 2007, Titan Books announced it had acquired worldwide rights to a deluxe making-of book for the film, featuring interviews with the cast and crew, color photos, storyboards and production art, plus the full screenplay. It is scheduled to be released in December 2008, the same month as the film.
  • Release
  • Lionsgate will distribute The Spirit in the United States and the United Kingdom while Sony Pictures will distribute the film in France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and parts of Latin America.[6] The film will be released on December 25, 2008.[21]
  • On 6 May, Lionsgate announced they would release The Spirit on the 25th of December, as a part of the “Spirit of Christmas” marketing campaign.
  • References
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